With regret following the government announcement we will be closing temporarily as of Friday 20th March.

As I’m sure you all know we are a small independent family gym that prides itself in looking after our members and giving them the greatest service possible and we would really appreciate your support in these tough times.

Some of the stories as to why they joined, how they have met lifelong friends and how Rx has saved their life is very emotional to read. I thank you so much for sharing and I will do everything in my power to reopen once permitted.

We want to help people stay as fit and healthy as possible during these unprecedented times. In return for your ongoing support we have created an incredible online resource of at home workouts, on-demand classes, coaching support and nutritional advice.

We are also providing FREE access to the RxGym app with our new 7-day body weight training program and RxGym On-Demand (Live). As a member of Rx you will be able to continue gaining the best training sessions available from our highly experienced trainers.

Watch this space for further announcements regarding our new LIVE class timetable.

I’m confident we can get through this together and reopen as soon possible.