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CrossFit Didsbury is an ultra modern strength and conditioning facility offering an incredible results focused experience. This community centred facility offers a full and varied programme, conveniently located in West Didsbury.

We are an independent family run business that has managed to help thousands of people achieve great results. We have a team of experienced CrossFit coaches dedicated to your success.  Our mission is to help busy people get fit, enjoy fitness and stay healthy. We are here to help you.

What’s included…

  • Unlimited CrossFit Classes and more
  • Foundation Class (small group sessions)
  • Unlimited Open Box time (Open Gym)
  • Gym app with On-Demand workout videos
  • Elite coaches – Results focused
  • Monthly accountability goal review.
  • Changing rooms with showers
  • Social events
  • In-house competitions
  • Monthly workshops
  • Committed Fitness Community
  • Optional Access to RxGym.


Rosie: “Great Box- the coaches are all amazing, the workouts are tough and there’s a great community feel to it. Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!”

Sarah: “Top draw gym with top draw staff and members! I started at below what can be considered a novice standard, but have been helped and encouraged every step of the way. I leave every session physically broken but mentally very happy.”

Danny: “Recently joined with the January deal. always been apprehensive about cross fit as have heard about lots of injuries and it being almost cult like. Am also very self conscious about my ability and strength and form. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this CrossFit box. I got there early for my first 5pm session, I warmed up, and the instructors have been really hot on making sure my form is good before doing any sort of heavy weight. The recommended weights I’m not strong enough to use keeping good form and no one judges me for scaling down. Everyone is really friendly and supportive and just makes you want to go more and more. It’s only been a short time since I joined but so far I’m impressed.”

Zach: “I’ve been attending CrossFit Didsbury for nearly two years now and couldn’t recommend it highly enough. The coaches are approachable and knowledgeable and there’s members across all ages and skill sets, so you can easily scale the workouts according to your ability and experience. The sense of community is the thing that keeps me coming back, everyone is very friendly and there’s a good level of social events organised throughout the year. I’m leaving Manchester in a few weeks and I’ll miss it dearly.”

Colin: “Really lucky to have this box a short walk from home – great coaches, varied programming and a lovely community spirit! A very welcoming place if you’re new to CrossFit 👍.”

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Results-based coaching


A coach to give you workouts and make sure you do them


A program to help you eat to perform


Develop habits you’ll keep for life

Weight Training

Get stronger with good form


Breathe hard, get sweaty

Skill work

Learn gymnastics, kettlebells, strongman, and more…