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Thomas Coyle

Hello, I’m Tom, one of the coaches here at RX Gym and CrossFit Didsbury. I specialise in all things CrossFit and functional training. I’ve coached CrossFit for over 2 years at CrossFit Urban Outlaws and trained in CrossFit for years. My aim is to compete at a national level and this year I progressed to the quarterfinals. My love for training shines through in my coaching and is something I look to continuously improve on. I’m a qualified level 2 gym instructor and I am currently completing my CrossFit level one. I have a wealth of knowledge that I would love to share, so don’t hesitate to chat to me in the gym or box. If you are looking to improve on your CrossFit, fitness and or lose some weight I’m here to help. I hope to see as many of you at my classes, you won’t regret it! Let’s go!


Qualifications and Specialism:

– Level 2 Fitness Instructor

– Level 3 Personal Trainer (Undergoing)

– CrossFit Didsbury Internship

– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer



– CrossFit training

– Weight loss

– Sports Performance

– Strength and conditioning.

– Weightlifting