CrossFit: Beginners On Ramp course

New to CrossFit? Our Crossfit beginners On Ramp course is where you’ll start. Try out a CrossFit class that is achievable and scaled to your ability, and ask any questions you may have.  MORE


CrossFit is constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement. CrossFit is also a sport and a strength and conditioning programme. We use Weightlifting, Endurance and Gymnastics to provide you with amazing physical results. The coach is at hand to provide alternative movements (scaled up or down) if required. This method prevents injury and promotes individual progression.


Our Olympic weightlifting class provides members with the opportunity to improve their lifting technique. The class includes lifts, Strength and Power drills to improve your overall CrossFit performance.

CrossFit Conditioning

CrossFit Conditioning is essential for any sport and generally refers to exercises that are meant to increase the storage and release of energy during a workout or activity. In CrossFit, you’ll need both to conquer your goals. This class is supported by one of our coaches. The session is essentially you turning up and getting the program done.

Rx Pilates

Physio lead Pilates class. Strength, fitness, balance, flexibility, Stress relief and weight loss can all improve with a regulator Rx Pilates class.

Rx Yoga

A fun and effective class with an up beat style and background music.
Learn the fundamentals of Hatha yoga by working on connecting breath to movement, strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation techniques. For beginners and intermediates, but all levels welcome.

Open Gym

Open gym time is a more relaxed environment where members can be responsible for their own training and what they do. As a CrossFit Didsbury member you have two options for Open Gym sessions.

Option 1 to use RxGym and a variety of different equipment any time of day.
Option 2 to us the specific Open Gym Time’s at CrossFit Didsbury.

These sessions are not coached, although there is always a coach on hand to offer advice and keep an eye on safety! Use the Open Gym Time to pick the mind of a coach and to develop your CrossFit skills.

On Demand Classes

Not able to physically attend a class? No problem check out RxGym On Demand platform via RxGyms App. We have over 180 On Demand classes available for you to do at home as part of your membership.

CrossFit Didsbury membership also includes all classes located at RxGym, West Didsbury.